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Program Features

01Adaptive Learning

Transform students from passive receptors of information to active learners! Materials will change based on the unique needs of each student.


ArithmeticBoosttm method will help students master mental arithmetic in the shortest time possible. 100 operations in two minutes? No problem!


ThinkingBoosttm method will help students develope their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will be able to answer Maths Olympiad questions in no time.


IQMemoryBoosttm method will help students improve their multiple intelligences and their memory. This will enchance their learning ability for other subjects too!


LanguageBoosttm method will help students improve their vocabulary and grammar in the least painful way. The systematic approach will ensure that the learning is wholesome and covers all parts that are required for them to excel in school.


One of the main weakness of non-Malay speaking children is the difficulty in finding BM words to express what's in their mind. ThinkInversetm will helps children overcome this weakness and build their confidence in speaking and writting BM.

07Detailed Guidance

During the lessons, our well-trained tutors will provide detailed guidance, including the correct answering steps, to every student.

08Personal Attention

Small class size and the use of advanced classroom management system will ensure every student getting maximum personal attention from our tutors.


Learning progress are measured and analyzed on-the-fly during the lessons, enabling our tutors to understand students' weakness and improve them effectively.

10Excel in School

The correct way of answering questions following school requirements will be taught, ensuring excellent performance in school examinations.

11Digital Homework

Besides the paper worksheets, our tutors will also assign short daily digital homework for students who need more practising to improve their mastery level.

12Detailed Report

Detailed report will be printed after every lessons, so that parents can have a good understanding on how their children progress.

Proven Results

Sofea Mohd Azman

Top Scorer for Maths subject
Sekolah Nurul Hidayah

Ivan Seah

Top Scorer for Maths subject
Taylor's International School

Liew Yu Xin

Top Scorer for Maths subject
1st in Maths Competition
SJKC Han Ming Puchong

Jonell Chan

1st Ranking
Sekolah Sri UCSI

Sri Varsikha

Top Scorer for Maths subject
SK Pusat Bandar Puchong 2

Lim Stan Ley

Top Scorer for Maths subject
1st in Maths Competition
SJKC Serdang 2

Chong Weng Keat

Top Scorer for Maths subject
1st in Maths Competition
SJKC Tun Tan Siew Sin

Rifqi Rayan

Top Scorer for Maths subject
SK Bandar Tun Razak 2

Lim Xin Er

Top Scorer for Maths subject
SJKC Kim Seng